About Us

The International Real Estate Association (I.R.E.A.) established in early 2006. After reorganization in 2018, headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is a non-profit organization. The I.R.E.A. consists of global enterprises, individual investors, industrial groups, agencies engaged in real estate development, institutions of high education interested in promoting sustainable urban development. The IREA has five chapters and six committees. 

Our Mission

To promote the healthy, orderly and steady development of international human settlement and real estate, strengthen international professional exchanges and cooperation in the real estate field


To promote the sustainable development of the international real estate industry and standardize the market, in order to strengthen self-discipline in the industry, enhance the sense of social responsibility of the government, industry and enterprises, establish a fair competitive market environment, and enhance the core competitiveness of real estate companies and industries.


To develop and promote construction and scientific discipline research in the international real estate sector and related fields


To conduct international technical exchanges and cooperation in cities, human settlements, and real estate; Explore the world’s real estate innovation model and promote successful experience in the world-wide urban and real estate sectors