I.R.E.A. is committed to invest in education, research and professional practice to increase our collective capacity in achieving a sustainable and well established profession. We are very keen on supporting emerging educational programmes, student scholarships, global causes and on-going development of the profession.

As an individual or organization, you may choose the level of donation that demonstrates your commitment, makes an impact and helps to show what is important to you.

I.R.E.A. is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit  organization with the objectives to develop and promote the profession and discipline of real estate, together with its related environment, arts and sciences, throughout the world.

I.R.E.A. has made available different level sponsorship packages that allow a range of benefits depending on the level chosen. Bespoke options are also negotiable to suit your needs.

International Real Estate Association (I.R.E.A.), is the global body of professional real estate, with members from over 70 countries in all continents.

Welcome to join us! To establish the profession in its continuing role as an instrument of aesthetic achievement and social change for the public welfare.