New Model Street launched in Dandora, Kenya

UN-Habitat Public Space Programme, Making Cities Together coalition of partners and Dandora Transformation League on Saturday launched a Model Street in Dandora Phase II, Nairobi. The Model Street has enabled easy access to the estate while allowing small scale road-side businesses to thrive. It is to serve as a benchmark to guide future interventions. It is an exemplar of how placemaking catalyses unlikely alliances among grassroots groups, the private sector, local government and other placemaking leaders to adapt, replicate and up-scale good practices from domestic to neighbourhood level, and trigger an avalanche of community empowerment initiatives by various stakeholders. In attendance, was the Executive Director of UN-Habitat, Ms. Maimunah Mohd Sharif., Founder of Dandora Transformation League Mr. Robinson Esialimba, UN-Habitat colleagues, Making Cities Together team, visitors from various parts of the city and the Dandora community.

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